Siberië en Mongolië 4/06/2009 tot 27/06/2009



This is a trip report of a birding trip to Southern Siberia and Western Mongolia in June 2009. ‘Southern Siberia’ and ‘Western Mongolia’ are indicative. Given the vastness of the area and the infrastructural difficulties of travelling in this region, only relatively small parts of this larger area were visited. More or less, the area visited was situated between the city of Barnaul, Altai Krai, Siberia, the Russian Federation and the wider surroundings of Olgii, Bayan-Olgii Province and Mongolia. The ‘wider surroundings of Olgii’ can be described more accurately as the area to the north and east of the city of Olgii. The easternmost point we reached was the lake called Khar Us Nuur. SIBERIE_MONGOLIE09_WF